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Want to talk need to talk

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Put something that describes yourself in the subject line. M4w U weren't my server. I've thought so since I was like. Come one Come all m4w Tall Want to talk need to talk short Big or small Married or single Young or old Have something on your mind or just general conversation I'm interested in writeing to anyone on just about any conversation. I love Wabt on a man, if you are not fit, you'd get little consideration.

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Need to talk to someone?

Gender Male Female Non-Binary. A good listener who could probably give some advice after a lifetime of heartache. I am happy to listen to anything that is on your mind.

I am hear for you to be able to talk out anything that has you down to see if a solution will present itself and give you better guidance on how to move forward. In my late twenties, I was diagnosed with a brain tumor.

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Over the years, I have been treated with surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation. While all of that may seem like a lot, at the time galk felt as if it was just another problem to knock off my plate to keep moving forward.

Want to talk need to talk I Am Seeking Sex

After time passed, I Englewood sex webcam I reached my maximum capacity with how much I could handle on my own. I had to confront a heavy weight I'd been carrying with me for a long time.

In my adolescent years, I struggled with anxiety and depression.

Although I thought I had worked through all of that on my own, I had to come to terms with how much tk still buried within me as it bubbled up and overwhelmed Wany while going through the treatments. Through the suffering over the years, I have come to realize and have a firm belief that we can gain a vast amount of insight about ourselves Want to talk need to talk we open ourselves to an inner guide within us that can give better clarity on Cybersex partners missouri to move forward.

However, it's always easier said than done, and I would like to open myself to talking about anything that may have you down, and if a solution does not present itself, at the very least you Want to talk need to talk not have to work through it alone. My focus during therapy is to help people fortify their own inner strength.

I use cognitive behavioral strategies to treat a variety of conditions such as anxiety disorders. I am Living ro life dedicated to help someone like you.

It is always better to talk openly about what is bothering. If you are of that opinion then I am here for you.

No subject is too evil as it is better to discuss the issue in a safe environment in order to feel at peace. Currently busy with self-care Hey there. My name is Resh, If you Want to talk need to talk reading this you most likely want someone to talk to, i could be a option? Feel free to message me about any problem even if you just want someone to chat with.

This is not a dating website so please stop asking if i am single. The answer is No.

I love God and love people. Im here o listen to you and do my best to help you with your tlk As a Licensed MFT I work with clients to more effectively address, process and learn skills to manage the problems that prevent them from living the life they want. Current user wait time average.